Kevins oppsummering av vårsesongen

-Vi har fremstått langt bedre enn hva tabellen tilsier

Åsane-kampen markerte slutten på vårsesongen for Askers a-lag. På elleve kamper, står vi med samme antall poeng.

Vi ba Kevin oppsummere vårsesongen fra hans ståsted før han reiste til sydligere strøk med familien søndag. Her kommer en dønn ærlig oppsummering av vårsesongen fra sjefen selv.

"When I reflect on the 11 games we have played so far, I completely believe we have performed much better than our points total suggests. Confidence in front of goal especially at the start of the season has been the determining factor why we are where we are, but thankfully now we have cracked the code in recent games.

After bringing in 15 new players, new sportsjef, new assistant, new captain and new medical staff it was always going to take time for us to be settled, and getting off to a bad start didn’t help the situation. I’m really impressed how the players have reacted after hitting ‘rock bottom’ in the derby game and it has brought everyone closer in a positive manner.

The last 4 games we have performed very well, and deserved more than 1 win and 3 draws. We are now starting to look like an Asker team that I envisage and training is now at a level that we had in previous seasons so the wins will come as long as we keep it there!

We must also continue to enjoy our football every day and keep the same enthusiasm levels we’ve shown recently - that is key for me!

Main positive for me are the steps the younger players have taken this season and I would like to give Roman Fazi a deserved mention for how he’s developed so much through dedicated work on the training pitch. Great to see an Asker lad playing regularly and hopefully we can produce more of his quality in coming seasons"

God sommer ønskes fra Kevin Nicol og hans støtteapparat - første kamp etter ferien er 21.juli hjemme mot Mjølner!

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